Fine Cigar - Premium Cigar Club

Fine Cigar - Premium Cigar Club

Don't waste your time with
poor quality cigars

Discover the world's best premium cigars
from the comfort of your armchair

As a club member you can taste the most premium cigars
as rated by the prestigious magazine Cigar Journal

All this without worrying
about their selection and acquisition

Wishing you a good draw and a perfect burn

Ivo Rehberger
President of Fine Cigar Club

About club

The idea of the club came because the founder and president of the club did not want to waste time, money and taste buds on poor quality cigars. As the many years of cigar tasting by trial and error did not bring satisfactory results, stumbling across a Cigar Journal with its cigar blind tastings was a big breakthrough. The club president is a member of the tasting panel in the aforementioned Cigar Journal magazine and the magazine itself was an inspiration for the organized selection of the best of what can be bought on the premium cigars market.

In every issue of the quarterly magazine Cigar Journal lists several dozen cigars rated by points and supplemented by a brief characteristic of flavour and aroma, composition, country of origin of tobacco and the usual price. The higher the rating, the better. And not necessarily more expensive. So why not choose once a quarter a few well-rated cigars and try it personally? Welcome to the club.

Club membership

Club membership is an expression of good will and trust of its members. It is based on a gentlemen's principles and based on the sincere efforts by the club president to share the joy and pleasure of tobacco in its traditional form.

With the annual membership each club member gets a chance to learn about the best premium cigars on the market and to also taste them. A member will four times a year receive a club package that will include (optionally) the current edition of the magazine Cigar Journal, which is bilingual – English and German – for the price of 7 €, and approximately four to six cigars, totalling thousands of Czech crowns that are well rated in the given issue of Cigar Journal. For hesitant smokers there is a one-time opportunity to trial the club membership.

Membership varieties

Annual membership + CJ 4x club package with the magazine Cigar Journal Price: 5 200 CZK
Annual membership 4x club package Price: 4 400 CZK
Trial membership + CJ 1x club package with the magazine Cigar Journal Price: 1 300 CZK
Trial membership 1x club package Price: 1 100 CZK

Membership to the magazine Cigar Journal is highly recommended. It is the only magazine about cigars, not about golf, expensive cars and beautiful women that can be provided by other periodicals. There is more to learn about membership in the club statutes. The amount of the membership fee applies for delivery within Czech Republic only. There may be higher charges for delivery abroad.


How to become a member of the club? – Membership in the Fine Cigar Club is possible only for individuals over eighteen years. Applicants for membership must complete and sign the application form, through which he/she express his/her agreement with the club statues and he/she is committed to complying with them. Original application, or an electronic copy should be send to the contact address of the club.

Is the club is suitable for beginners? – Yes. Members of the club would like to personally share their experiences and advice with solutions to problems that can befall both beginners and advanced.  

How does the selection of cigars into Club package work? – Not all cigars, which the magazine presents in its ratings, are available on the European market, others cannot be found in the Czech Republic or are hot news. All these factors affect the selection of the content of the Fine Cigar Club package. The club president´s effort is to always select and provide the best cigars for a good price. Anyway, a good rating is in the primary consideration.  

Is the value of the package of cigars really 1000 CZK? – Yes. The club´s interest is that the price of cigars in the club package corresponds with its value and at the same time is better than the usual price. Fine Cigar however, is not a club for bargains or discounts as preparing and sending the club package comes with associated costs. By membership in the club you are not buying cigars, but you get a chance to learn about the best and at the same time you get the chance to try them.

What is in the club package? – Below is the content of the first ever club package, which was inspired by the blind tasting in the Cigar Journal edition March 2015. Contents of the package is as follows (scores, name, current price):

  • 93 COHIBA MADURO 5 SECRETOS  12,00 €

Rating system: 100-96 A class by itself, 95-91 Excellent, 90-88 Very good, 87-85 Good

Do you have to have a (functional) humidor? – No. If you do not have a well-functioning humidor, cigars will be sent with a transport humidifier to keep them in good condition for up to three months.  

Can I terminate the annual membership during its lifetime? – Yes, with the right to a refund of the unused portion of the annual membership fee.



Email:   club @ finecigar . cz

Contact address of the club:
Ivo Rehberger
Piskovcova 14
Praha 9,  190 00
Czech Republic

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